It was our friendship that helped us realise that meeting people and getting to know their very daily realities is the only way to get to know other cultures and countries fully.
How much of the people in other countries do we really understand by visiting their touristic attractions, travelling to their monuments, and eating their traditional specialities? It is through meeting people, by becoming their friends, that we can slowly understand the feelings and desires, the worries and the fears that mark the lives in our neighbouring countries.

Apart from our enthusiasm for music, it is this very experience that motivates us to organise this project. We would like that other people will also have the opportunity to discover this experience of meeting others.


About us:


Zuzanna Koziej - pic
Zuzanna Koziej, born in 1994 in Toruń, is a young Polish composer. She has been creating music from her early age on, even before starting the primary music school. Currently, she is a student of composition at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

Her compositions are regularly performed in Toruń, her native city. Outside Toruń, works by Zuzanna Koziej have been performed in many cities in Poland as well as abroad: Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Ecuador.



Filip Rozborski was born in Toruń, Poland (*1992). Filip Rozborski — kopiaAfter his A-levels, he has lived as a volunteer in France and Italy for one and a half years. After having moved to Berlin in 2013, he has participated in the international scholarship programme “Europeans@Siemens” and completed an apprenticeship in mechatronics there.

At the moment, he is studying sociology with a focus on the science of technology at the Technical University of Berlin and the Complutense University of Madrid with great passion. At the same time, he puts his insights into practice adapting the teaching methods for students at a large technological school to the opportunities and challenges of the digitalisation.



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Friedemann Trutzenberg was born in 1992 in Freiburg, Germany. Before his studies, he lived in France and Italy as a volunteer from 2011 to 2013. He is a part-time church musician, choir conductor at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, and studies psychology at the Free University of Berlin and the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona.

What motivates Friedemann during the work for our project is the wonderful experience and strong conviction that deep understanding and music can bring people together, make divisions vanish, and create peace in the world.