Mass of Trust

Here you can listen to excepts from the Mass of Trust:

Ostende mihi – Zuzanna Koziej

Kyrie from Mass of Trust – Zuzanna Koziej


The Mass of Trust for soprano, choir and chamber orchestra is a sacred piece devoted to the search for beauty, harmony, peace and mutual trust. Nowadays, trust is very difficult to achieve. In the time of immigration crises, increasing cultural differences between inhabitants, wars and attacks, we need trust to survive. And to make our life less strange and solitary.

The different sections of the mass form a way of doubt, fear and anger, as well as joy, playfulness and calm. Instead of expressing each section typically, this mass enables the listeners to discover different approaches, to inspire deep insight, to see some things in a new light and from new perspectives.

Universalism is an important issue in the mass’ concept. This universalism makes music meaningful and valuable even for unbelievers. An initial intention of the mass is to bring people closer together, integrate them, show that despite of differences and divisions, we are all equal people, each spiritually rich.

As a sign of the Polish-German friendship and reconsiliation, we would like to bring musicians from both countries together for this project.

As a further step, during the performances, we would like to integrate our musicians with the listeners, showing that music has a tremendous power to unite people. That it can bring valuable, cultural experiences, make us more conscious and sensitive persons, and that a small step in our life will cause next steps to make our world a better place.